Tuesday, June 5, 2007

West Coast Vaccine

E-40's young relative, Turf Talk is droppin his long awaited follow-up album today! The album West Coast Vaccine features the usual suspects from out the Yeeeee.... The Sic Wid It Fam - 40, B-Legit, Too Short, Locksmith from The Frontlinerz, Kartoon from Southern Cali, and Freeway (yeah the baby gorilla)! Droop-E handled most of the production a well as "Slap King" Rick Rock, Jake One & Traxamillion. I'm feelin the cover art for his album as well... Here's the track listing, and peep out the "Po-Po's" track featuring E-40. For an added treat, you can peep Turf Talk on Judge Joe Brown clowning with a bird he had vehicular issues with while you at it -

01 - Intro **Missing**
02 - Bring The Base Back (Prod. By Rick Rock)
03 - Doe Boy (feat.E-40 & B-Legit (Prod. By Droop-E)
04 - Record Company Skit **Missing**
05 - Super Star (feat.Lock Smith) (Prod. By C.M.T & EA-Ski)
06 - I Got Chips (feat.E-40) (Prod. By Rick Rock)
07 - Thats That Turf Talk (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
08 - Broke Niggas! (Prod. By Droop-E)
09 - Po-Po's feat. E40
10 - Back In The Day (feat.Kartoon & Jelly Roll (Prod. By Rome)
11 - Money On Ya Head (feat.KnockaMichie) (Prod. By Rick Rock) **Missing**
12 - Holla At You (feat.Rick Rock) (Prod. By Rick Rock)
13 - Sick Wid It Is The Crew (feat.E-40) (Prod. By Jake One)
14 - X (feat.Yukmouth) (Prod. By Rick Rock)
15 - Fresh Is The Word (feat.E-40) (Prod By. Jake One) **Missing**
16 - I'm Ghetto (Prod. By Rick Rock)
17 - Stop Snitchin (feat.E-40) (Prod. By Droop-E)
18 - Minnie Minnie (feat.Freeway) (Prod. By Droop-E)
19 - Rippah (feat.Too Short & J. Nash) (Prod. By Troy Sanders)
20 - Liquor Store Skit **Missing**
21 - Groupie (Prod. By Traxxamillion)

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